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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I merge chat history from another operating system?

Yes, the .db files are the same on all platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, Android and iOS.

How do I synchronize chat history between different computers?

You will need to get their Skype files onto one computer, merge them there, and copy the resulting file back.
Select one database on Skyperious main screen, click "Compare and merge" and choose the second database. In the comparison tab, you can click "Scan and report" to scan for new messages in the first database and overview changes before merging, or you can click "Merge to the right" to scan and merge immediately. Either process will take some time, as every message in the first database has to be processed.
Afterwards, copy the updated file back to its Skype folder.
This can be automated with the command line interface.

! The databases should belong to the same Skype account.

! Shut down Skype before starting, if one of the files is currently used by Skype.

Can I use Skyperious on OS X?

Yes, in source code form. See the installation guide.

Is there any way to keep chat history in sync automatically on all my devices?

Not quite. If one of the devices is logged in all the time, it will keep the others in sync - mostly, but not always.

Merging the databases from time to time seems the simplest option.
As Skyperious can be used from the command line, that part can be automated.

Can I restore messages from *.dbb files that I have from an older computer?

Not directly, Skyperious does not work with *.dbb files. It is an old proprietary format that was in use prior to 2008. However, Skype can automatically convert them to the current format. Try the following:

Does Skyperious open logs from other programs like AIM/ICQ/Miranda/..?

No, it only works with Skype.

If the file is an SQLite database, for example a WhatsApp message store, Skyperious will still open it. You can't browse chats or export messages, but you can access, search, and export database tables.

Do you plan to add support for doing X/Y/Z?

I might add the support, if the requested functionality seems useful, and more people contact me to ask for it.

Why are non-English letters like Å not visible in CSV export?

CSV by specification does not support non-ASCII letters, so they get converted to question marks. Export to an Excel spreadsheet will keep all characters.

Why does the database file size remain the same after deleting something?

SQLite usually wipes the deleted data clean instead of rebuilding the file on each change. If you still want the file size to go down immediately, execute VACUUM in SQL window.