Skype SQLite database viewer and merger

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Start page

Initial screen:
Initial screen

Database details:
Database info

Browsing a Skype SQLite database

Database welcome page:
Database welcome page

Searching over all messages:
Searching over all messages

Reading chat history:
Reading chat history

Filtering chat messages:
Filtering chat messages

Statistics and wordcloud for currently shown messages, maximized:
Statistics and wordcloud for currently shown messages, maximized

HTML export: chat history
HTML export: chat history

Database information:
atabase information

Viewing and modifying database tables:
Viewing and modifying database tables

Making SQL queries:
Making SQL queries

Importing contacts:
Importing contacts

Search syntax:
Search syntax

Searching over all database tables:
Searching over all database tables

Merging two Skype SQLite databases

Global merge:
Global merge

Merging individual chats:
Merging individual chats

Merging individual contacts:
Merging individual contacts